Proverb 1 :"Ma3a man shoufik, Ma3a man Shubahtik "

In this section I'll begin to translate traditional Moroccan proverbs, so that in addition to know it as part of Moroccan culture, you can begin to acquire vocabulary.
Our first proverb, "Ma3a man shoufik, Ma3a man Shubahtik "
The first thing we do is an analysis of the meaning of words.

-Ma3a: With
-Man: Who, Whom
- Shoufik: Shouf (to see) + ik (to you): I see you
-Shubahtik: Shuhbat (To compare)+ ik(to you): I compare you

Ma3a man shoufik, Ma3a man Shubahtik: With whom I sew you, with whom I compare you.

Try to memorize the words used today, and then use them with your moroccan family or friends, and remember that if you have any questions you can contact me through the contact form on the right column, or through my social networks.

Bslama .


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