Moulat lwani

Those who know me a little more, know that I love the old pictures of Morocco, those who today are known as vintage. The images are so rich in details of our culture.

Today's photo shows the owner (female) of the kitchen utensils. Lmoulat lwani .
Observing the picture, we can find:

Lmahras: The mortar, used to grind spices and henna.
sh-shiniya: The tray, where the tea pot and the glasses are carried.
Lberrad: The tea pot
S-sukriya: The sugar container
Lkisan: The glasses.
Lhookah or shisha : The smoking pipe
Zzarbiya: The Carpet
Lmkhedda: The pillow
Ssella: The basket

As something curious, many years ago , maybe twenty. through the streets of the neighborhood passed lmoul lwani , a man on his bicycle carrying a box , sometimes a banyo  with kitchen utensils. when he arrives, the women leave their homes and sought in that banyo what they needed, if they can, they pay ,but when this was not possible, was carried out a trade for another utensil.
Something unthinkable these days. Dont you think?

Drab , a polysemous verb

As  Salamu 3alaikoum,
The verb " To hit"  in Moroccan Arabic, has different uses in metaphorical way. Besides its conventional use, we can find it as:

  • To caught + sickness : Drab + object pronouns : Drabni lmard : I got sick (literal translation: the sickness hit me) , Drabha lberd : She caught a cold (literal translation: The cold hit her).
  • To play + instrument : Drab + instrument:  drab lbendir , drab l3ud , drab lney... ( literal translation: hit the bendir, hit the laud, hit the flute)
  • To call by telephone: Drab ltilifun ( Litereal translation: Hit the phone)
  • Damaged by  the effects of  the nature , rain, wind, snow, sun .... :  Darbatu ....  ttilj ( the snow)  , shshems ( the sun) shshar9i ( strong wind).... 
  • To indicate that someone is unfortunate or unlucky : Drab f lwil ( literal translation : hitted by the misfortune)
  • Like "kein" (there is): Drabat shshta (There is rain) Drabat rr3ad (There is thunder) Drabat llil (Night fell)
  • Make hard work:Drab f ttamara 
  •  When receiving electric shock : Darbu ddu ( Hitted by electricity)
I'm almost sure there are more uses of this verb but actually  I can not remember more. If  in shaa Allah I remember something else, I will update the publication. If you know some other use of this verb and you want to share it , you can tell me  through a comment here, or through the social networks.

W ssalam  (That is all)

L Bladat - The countries

Shno smit lblad dialk?- What's the name of your country?

  1. Lmaghreb- Morocco
  2. Ljazair- Algeria
  3. Tunes- Tunisia
  4. Libya - Libya
  5. Misr - Egypt
  6. Filistin-Palestine
  7. Loubnan- Lebanon
  8. Surya-Syria
  9. Turkya-Turkey
  10. Yunan- Greece
  11. Ukranya- Ukraine
  12. Italya-Italy
  13. Fransa-France
  14. Isbanya- Spain
  15. Bortogal- Portugal
  16. Almanya- Germany
  17. Nnegliz-England
  18. Swisra- Switzerland
  19. Holanda-Holland
  20. Beljika- Belgium
  21. Norwej- Norway
  22. Suid- Sweden
  23. Danmark- Denmark

.... To be continue.....

Ana min Agadir, ana Maghribiya , mnin ntuma? - I am from Agadir, I am Moroccan, Where are you from?

New Facebook Page

As Salamu 3alaikoum.

I have a few days trying to get into my Facebook page, but it has been impossible, then I decided to create a new one, so if you followed the contents of my Facebook page, please do not forget to give like to  the new one , for updates of  upcoming posts.

Greetings from Maryam.

L 3aila maghribiya

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Explanation of a family tree with an example.

Conjugations verb "kla"

As Salamu 3alaikoum , Today the conjugationst of the verb "To eat",


Ana Kanakul
Nta /Nti Katakul
Huwa  kiyakul
Hiya katakul
Hna kanakulu
Ntuma katakulu
Huma kiakulu


Ana klit
Nta/ Nti kliti
Huwa kla
Hiya Kat
Hna klina
Ntuma klitu
Huma klau


Ana ghaddi nnakul
Nta/ Nti ghaddi  Takul
Huwa ghaddi  iyakul
Hiya ghaddi takul
Hna  ghaddi nnakulu
Ntuma ghaddi tkulu
Huma ghaddi iyakulu

Huma klau wahad tajine fi lbhar - They ate a tajine at the beach
Hna ghaddi nnakulu m3a ba3dyatna ghadda - We will eat together tomorrow
Ana baghi nnakul l khobz dial frran - I want to eat bread from the oven

Verb To Fall : Tah

As Salamu 3alaikoum, mrhaba bikoum to my blog, after almost a month of vacation in Morocco , back home we continue with the lessons of Moroccan Arabic, after many publications about the grammar of Darija, now in Shaa Allah publications will be dedicated to the vocabulary, verbal forms and complete sentences for daily use.
We begin with the verbal forms of the verb To fall


Ana Kantteh                                  Ana Teht                                     Ana Nteh
Nta Katteh                                     Nta Tehti                                     Nta Atteh
Nti Katteh                                      Nti Tehti                                     Nti  Atteh
Huwa Kiteh                                   Huwa Tah                                   Huwa Iteh
Hiya Katteh                                   Hiya Tahat                                  Hiya Atteh
Hna Kantihu                                  Hna Tihna                                   Hna Ntihu
Ntuma Kattihu                               Ntuma Tihtu                               Ntuma Attihu
Huma Kitihu                                  Huma Tahu                                 Huma Itihu

Sentences:    Tah l kas dial qahwa. (He fell the glass of coffee)
                     3andak Atteh  ( Be careful, you'll fall)
                     Lma  katteh  min ssqaf  ( Water falls from the roof )