Moulat lwani

Those who know me a little more, know that I love the old pictures of Morocco, those who today are known as vintage. The images are so rich in details of our culture.

Today's photo shows the owner (female) of the kitchen utensils. Lmoulat lwani .
Observing the picture, we can find:

Lmahras: The mortar, used to grind spices and henna.
sh-shiniya: The tray, where the tea pot and the glasses are carried.
Lberrad: The tea pot
S-sukriya: The sugar container
Lkisan: The glasses.
Lhookah or shisha : The smoking pipe
Zzarbiya: The Carpet
Lmkhedda: The pillow
Ssella: The basket

As something curious, many years ago , maybe twenty. through the streets of the neighborhood passed lmoul lwani , a man on his bicycle carrying a box , sometimes a banyo  with kitchen utensils. when he arrives, the women leave their homes and sought in that banyo what they needed, if they can, they pay ,but when this was not possible, was carried out a trade for another utensil.
Something unthinkable these days. Dont you think?


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