The origin of the Moroccan Arabic

The Moroccan Darija is the variant of the Arabic spoken in Morocco, In reality the darija is the same standard Arabic more or less corrupted by the people at places in one way, in others another, either by modifying the phonetic, removing the final syllables , eliminating syllables at the beginning, by not using the first vowel, and introducing words of the languages spoken by the peoples with who the Moroccans have been in better communication. 

Moroccan linguistics is of great richness, before the arabic, Moroccans use the Berber , the coexistence of these two languages has caused that in Moroccan Arabic  appear words of berber origin, on the other hand standard Arabic is the official language of the country  together with the languages of the former protectorates, Spain and France,which they have left many words in the Moroccan Darija


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