Kifas nqulu ...... b ddarija?

As Salamu a3laikum wa marhb bikoum.

Today after a visit from my sister in law and a crazy evening of questions, I decided to publish a nightly post.
Without any doubt, the way to learn a language is to practice and how to acquire vocabulary is to ask, so  this post is exactly to explain you the way you should ask to know how it  says so and so in Darija.

How do you say  ........... in darija.?     /     Kifas nqulu ........b ddarija?

We said ........ /   Kanquluha .........

A small example:

 How do you say "car" in darija ?  /  Kifas nqulu "car" b ddarija?

We said tomobila.      /  Kanquluha tomobila.


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