Answers of the exercise of pronouns

As salamu a3laikum w marhab bikoum.

A few weeks ago I post the first exercise with  pronouns and today I let you the answers, As you may remember, I had explained which were the personal pronouns and the possessive pronouns formed by suffixes added to the noun. To check if you understood, I published these sentences:

  • You (sing) are from Italy : Inta/enti min Italia.
  • They eat fruits: Huma keyaklu alfawaqih.
  • I like this skirt: Kaijibni had saya
  • We go to school: 7na nmshyw lmadrassa
  • You (pl) take breakfast : Ntuma ktfetru
  • He is married with Khadija: Huwa mzawj ma3 Khadija
  • She is beauty: Hiya zwina

  • Your (sing) school is far: Madrastk B3ida
  • My hair is long: Sh3ri twil
  • Her brother is police: khoha bolisi
  • Their house is blue: darhum zr9
  • Your (pl) cat sleeps: mushkum n3ass
  • His trouser is broken: srwelo mhrss
  • Our living room is clean; Salonna n9i

how were your exercise? Anyway, we will continue using and doing exercises with pronouns and little by  little  you will memorize it. 
Try using the moroccan phrases above and be ready for a new lesson in few days in shaa Allah.

Shokran Jazillan w baraka Allahu feekum.


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