Moroccan Body Language: "7chuma"

As Salamu a3laikum wa mar7ab bikum, After a few days dissapeared for a cold, I am back, with a new post, with which I start a new section called "Moroccan Body Language"

Did you know that the gesture to affirm and denied with the head in India is the  contrary to the rest of the world? Interesting .
 I think  Moroccans have a lots of gestures we use to communicate without the need of  words. And just like you learn a language, also you must know the gestures that are part of our culture, and their meanings as many of them are also made in other countries, but they are used at different times.

Today , the gesture  is used to show  the feeling of "Shame"  in Darija "7chuma" regarding an act,  consisting of slicing the index finger across the cheek. Sometimes especially women, tend to modify this gesture using the whole hand, as if they wanted to tear their cheek while they said 7chuuuuuma.

Have you seen this gesture before?


Mbarek Ahachach said...

Yes, I have used many times very often but as people get older and educated . we usually utter the word directly.

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