The Object Pronouns

As salamu a3laikoum w rahmatu Allah

Some verbs are associated to two pronouns, the first which performs the action, and the second in whom the action is performed. For example, if we said, " I follow you" , "I" is the person who perform the action, while "you" is in whom the action is done.

In Moroccan arabic, the object pronouns  do not vary from the personal pronouns except for the first person singular.
The Object pronouns are indicated as sufix attached to the verb.

In the above list, you can see which is the object associated with each pronoun and here are some examples of their use.

Huwwa  gal-ik  - He tolds you

Hiyya drabt-hum -  She hit them

 Hnna Kangusl-o - We wash it

Hiyya Talabat-ne  - She ask me for....


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