Adverbs of Place (I)

As Salamu a3laikoum , msah lkhair.

To indicate where something is located, we use the proverbs of place.
In Moroccan Arabic we ask where something is with the interrogative particle Fin Kayn or Fin Kayna with a femenine noun or Fin kaynin in plural.

Fin kayn lmesh? - Where is the cat?

Some of the proverbs we can use are:

Fi - In, Inside: Lmesh fi lsanduq - The cat is in the box
Qdam - In front : Lmesh qdam lsanduq - The cat is in front of the box
Mora - Behind: Lmesh mora lsanduq - The cat is behind the box
Teht min - Under : Lmesh teht min lsanduq - The cat is under the box
3la lisar dyal- To the left of: Lmesh 3la lisar dyal sandoq- The cat is to the left of the box
3la limin dyal- To the right of : Lmesh 3la limin dyal sandoq - The cat is to the right of the box
Bin- Between : Lmesh bin lsnadaq- The cat is between the boxes.

Now try to memorize and start using these adverbs and in shaa Allah , in few days I will post more.

Thala fi rassek (Take care)


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