Quizlet study sets of Learn Darija with Maryam

As Salamu a3laikoum , marhba bikoum fi lblog dyali ( welcome to my blog)

Something I like about the new technologies is the possibility of obtaining education wherever you are.
A few days ago one of my students told me about how he used Quizlet to learn English . Well, researching I found it a very interesting tool for the educational purpose.
So I make a profile , in which I will be creating sets of study of what I'm publishing in the blog. You can log in in the website or download the app.

In this tool you can memorize with the flashcards , and test your knowledge with the Test or games .

For the moment I leave the link to my profile here , that you may start practicing.

Bslama a3laikoum


alexis dupuis said...

Salam 3aleikom Maryam,
Sheft el quizlet dyalk. Chokran bezef, fikara mziana ! walakin darar bzef ma sma3tch saoutek 7it ila kaysma3ou chi kelma bi eddarija, gallik elkelma ma3 elno9t englizia. Yemkin 7asen kaysma3ou elnot9 min el maghrib. Kan3araf, bzef dyal wa9t bach twoujjed chi tsjid :-)

Maryam Ouhammou said...

Wa 3alaikoum assalam Alexis, smahli mafhemtekch :-(

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