Possible pronunciation and spelling errors that can turn the meaning of our sentences (I) UPDATED !!!

As salamu  a3laikoum w marhba bikoum

When we teach the Arabic language, we pay close attention to the pronunciation of those phonemes that may be more difficult for non-Arabic speakers. Those phonemes exclusive to the Arabic language.

So I created this image , where we can see examples of words that are often wrongly pronounced, and  clearly you can see  how the meaning of the phrase can change ,then in shaa Allah pay more attention when you pronounce it  next time.
At the same time we can add  new vocabulary.

Bslama !!!


Shlomo Perets said...

Nice, thanks :) I would have expected "kra3" / "kr3a" to be mentioned in this context too.

Maryam Ouhammou said...

You are so right, really I did not think about it, but with your permission, I'll take the idea and I will update the image. Shokran bzaf Shlomo for the note , and of course for visiting my blog.

Mbarek Ahachach said...

please let me know . Are you native speaker or you learnt Arabic? Qra here as you write down means literally he studied e.g Qra f lmadrasa and also imperative read not the verb to read. I am Amazigh native Moroccan. Thank you

Maryam Ouhammou said...

As Salamu a3laikoum khoya,I am native moroccan also Amazigh, from Agadir lhamdulillah . Qra whad lketab had ssimana (read one book this week ) Qra- Read . To study or to learn we use t3allem.

Maryam Ouhammou said...

or hfad for memorize. I never use or heard the use of qra concerning study , as we use to say: Waldi t3allem fi wahad lmadrassa b3aida bzaf.

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