Do you know lgerraba?

As Salamu a3laikoum w marhba bikoum fi lblog diali.

Yesterday speaking with my husband ,planning a future travel to Marrakech in shaa Allah. Imagining how fun it could be for the children, I remembered "lma dyal lgerrab" ( water from the water carrier). Have you tried?

Today this character is part of our tourism, and is very probable that you will find  him in any tourist area in Morocco.
His typical costume lasts over time, big multicolored  hat , many polished vessels around the neck and a lamp  or goat skin that contains the water.

Today most of lgerraba live trom tourism and no from the sale of water. But if you imagine for a moment, morocco several decades ago, when people did not have easy access to water, in that long summer days where temperatures pass 40 degrees, the glimpse in the distance of that hat must  be tremendously relieving.

And with this publication where I show a little more of the culture of my country, we learn a new word:
Gerrab  (Masc. sing)
Gerraba (Masc. Pl)

Bslama A3laikoum.


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Tre9 salama 3leikom :-)

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