What is the best way to learn darija?

As Salamu a3laikoum w marhba bikoum.

This morning a follower of twitter asked me this question. And as in that social network the possibility to communicate is limited,
I thought of writing a publication about it, and give a few tips.

Certainly three important points to learn Moroccan Arabic are

  • Listen
  • Ask 
  • Practice
And then there is a tremendously important factor that is :
  • Be surrounded by Moroccans

To learn the Moroccan Darija is important to listen, because it is dialect spoken which we learn in our homes, in the street, and  unless you want to specialize in it we do not study it. 

Asking , how to say this, how to say that...  you will learn vocabulary , and gradually you will go forward creating complete sentences.  Do not be sad if  when you ask about grammar, you obtain answers like:  Its like that, or dont ask me about this.  Because in most cases if they have not a qualified studies they will not be able to teach you. So you must focus on listening.

Currently there are some books and websites where you can find resources and basic vocabulary that can help you with your task. And  in shaa Allah i will dedicate a  future publication to list them.

When you learn vocabulary, use it, do not be afraid to not pronounce it correctly, perfection is achieved over time.
Begin by learning what you think you'll use most often , vocabulary referring to the situation in which you will speak  Moroccan Arabic , for example if you go to talk with the family, you can learn vocabulary that you use in your daily routines at home, food, household objects, verbs relating to the house, kind words .... or if you go to chat with your friends, words related to your hobbies together, phrases you can use in your meetings.

and as a last advice, practice, do not miss any opportunity.

Well if after all that , you need more help, you can contact me and tell me your questions through the blog or social networks and in Shaa Allah I will try to clarify your doubts.

Happy weekend ,
Bslama A3laikoum.


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