Moroccan Proverb drawn by Jihad Eliassa

As Salamu a3laikoum,
My publication today is unexpected and unprepared, but I just discovered this Moroccan illustrator, Jihad Eliassa and as I love his work, I decided to share it on the blog and use it for our task , which is to learn Moroccan Arabic.

Proverb " Fhad lberd drab l7did mahaddo skhun".
Traduccion : In this cold, hit the iron while it is still hot.
Meaning: Do not be lazy in a situation. To solve a situation is better to do it as soon as possible.
As  the iron that can be modeled  when is heated and becomes hard when it cools. .

But what I liked more of the picture it is the funny comparison  with that character, with a frozen mandible, eating a hot plate of lentils (source of iron) Cultural note: I dont think there is a moroccan man who doesnt like la3ds..

If you like this illustration  you can see more on his  Facebook page . Sure you like it.

Tsba7 3la khair. Beslama  a3laikoum.


Pity Gutierrez Quesada said...

I know the saying is coined
ضرب لحديد ما حدّو سْخون
but in everyday language, could it be said also
an expression like this?:
drink your tea while it's hot
شرب أتاي ما حدّو سخون
شرب أتاي دابا سخون
شرب أتاي حيت سخون
I love Jihad Eliassa. Thank youوالسلام

Maryam Ouhammou said...

شرب أتاي ما حدّو سخون
or eat your food while is hot شرب أتاي ما حدّو سخون

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