Lkhiyyat dyal djellabat

As Salamu a3laikoum, w marhba bikoum , sbah al khair, kedayrin?

Today I found a very old beautiful picture, in it you can see the famous Moroccan tailor of djellabat (pl, of djellaba) the photo is located in the city of Fez.
I thought it was interesting to share it and with it create a new label where I will publish interesting photos where we can see a bit of the culture and history of Morocco and at the same time learn vocabulary. 
Masculine : Khiyyat
Femenine: Khiyyata
Masculine pl : Khiyyateen
Femenine pl. Khiyyataat

In the Moroccan market (so9) often have areas for the sale of handicrafts, areas for natural medicine, another area for selling clothes. The area where you will find tailors it is also called "Khiyyateen"


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