The words in moroccan arabic ( syllables)

As Salamu 3laikoum

Today's post is about how the words are formed in Moroccan Arabic, for this, we need to know that Arabic is a Semitic language which means that  the word consists of a root , a verb (usually of three letters)  that by adding prefixes or suffixes, that meaning varies but always in connection. So it is very important  when  memorizing vocabulary to learn the roots of the words.
For those who are arabic speaking, It is important to know that the rules in the pronunciation of the syllables in darija is different from the standard Arabic.

Syllables in Moroccan Arabic can be open or closed,


  • Cv ( Consonant and short vowel)
  • CCv ( Consonant, Consonat and short vowel)

  • CvC (Consonant, short vowel, Consonant)
  • CCvC (Consonant, Consonant, short vowel, Consonant)
  • CvCC (Consonant, short vowel, Consonant, Consonant)
  • CV (consonant, long vowel)
When forming a word by adding suffixes or prefixes, we create an open syllable , we must follow some rules, depending on where this syllable is found, ie we will convert the new open syllable in closed syllabe.

Remember  that the short vowel is pronounced as is done in other languages, and the long vowel we lengthened its pronunciation .


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