Adverbs of place (II) and their corresponding demonstrative pronouns

As salamu 3laikoum, w sba7 al khair.

In Arabic, we divide the demonstrative pronouns, in nearby and distant.  (Qrib w b3id)
There are very easy.
But there is an important point where we must pay attention. We can find:

Hadi ssbitar - This hospital                  Hadi  sbitar-  This is a hospital

That is, when the pronoun is followed by a noun with article, makes the function of Demonstrative Pronoun . While if the pronoun is followed by a noun without article makes the function of  demostrative + to be. 

I remind you that you can comment about your doubts and I will try  in shaa Allah, to solve them as quickly as possible.

Bslama 3laikoum


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I found a PDF file with embedded audio on demonstrative pronouns. I hope you like it!

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