Moroccan Craft : Zellij (vocabulary)

As Salamu 3laikoum,

As you can see, today is a double publication,
I found this picture on the Internet, and I would like to show with it something about what  I speak  a few days ago, referring to learning vocabulary. and the importance of focusing on the root of   the words.

Zellij - Mosaic
Zellija -  A Mosaic
Zlayj- Mosaics
Zellej - decorate with mosaics (Verb)
Mzellej - decorated with mosaics (adjective)
Mzellja - decorated with mosaics feminine
Zlayji - Artisan who create the  mosaics

And if you want to know more about this beautiful craft work, here is the  link.

Allah Ybarek fikoum


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