The reflexive pronoun

As salamu 3alaikoum . Kolchi labbas?

The subject of today is  the reflexive particle "ras"  which is too the sustantive "head",
But in moroccan arabic this pronoun has the form ras + possesion sufix , 
You will see it  clearly in the following sentences.

She looked in the mirror - Katchouf rasha fi lmraya.
He washed with cold water - Kighazl raso bi lma bard.
He told himself - Qal m3a raso
Take care of yourself - Thalla fi rasik

Some of the verbs we use with  this particle are:

Qal - To speak
Dbar - To hurt
3awen - To help
Dar -To do
Thalla - To look after
Ghsel - To wash

In shaa Allah, soon I shall begin to publish the verbal  forms of the verbs most used in Moroccan Arabic.

I'll be a bit absent this summer, since my kids are at home and soon we will travel to Morocco in Shaa Allah.  During this time you can leave me your questions, or tell me in a comment in my  social networks about which topic you would like that I  speak.

Ramadan Moubarak 3ala jami3 lmuslimin.

Bslama 3alaikoum.


Pity Gutierrez Quesada said...

I learned the phrase "تهلاّ ف راسك" (="take care") to say goodbye and when I used it someone answered: "بالشمبوان = with shampoo"
Ha, ha, ha!

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